Criminal Law

Linenhall Chambers provides one of the largest team of specialist criminal barristers specifically serving the courts in Cheshire and North Wales. We also undertake cases in South Wales, Manchester, Liverpool and in the Midlands. With over 30 juniors and 2 silks we provide specialist advocacy and advice services in every aspect of criminal law including:

  • Murder and manslaughter including corporate manslaughter and gross negligence
  • Assault and violent crime
  • Sexual offences
  • Fraud, business and financial crime
  • Drug trafficking and drug conspiracies
  • Child abduction and sexual exploitation
  • Human trafficking
  • Motoring and road traffic offences
  • Restraint and confiscation
  • Proceeds of Crime applications and asset recovery
  • Courts martial
  • Prisons and parole boards
  • Inquests

Our barristers undertake serious and complex cases in the Crown Court and all the appellant courts as well as dealing with matters in the magistrates courts. They prosecute and defend, being instructed by most of the major defence solicitors in the region as well as the CPS, the CPS Units dealing with Serious Cases, with Rape & Serious Sexual Offences and with Appeals, the CPS Special Crime & Counter-Terrorism Division, local authorities, police authorities, RSPCA, Post Office and the DWP.


Barristers practicing in this area are: