Matthew Curtis of Linenhall Chambers prosecuted Liam Rosney at Mold Crown Court, who was accused of causing death by dangerous driving of Carol Boardman,75, mother of cyclist Chris Boardman. Rosney pleaded guilty to death by careless driving on the day that his trial was due to start. Mr Curtis told the court that Rosney had taken three separate phone calls in the minutes leading up to the death of Mrs Boardman, and was distracted by the calls and his phone, which was on speakerphone and on the passenger seat of his vehicle.

His Honour Judge Rhys Rowlands sentenced Rosney to 30 weeks imprisonment for causing death by carless driving.

The Judge told Rosney that “This was an accident which could have easily been prevented and your contribution to that accident is significant in as much as you were distracted, the distraction being as a result of you using your mobile phone before the actual collision.”

He added: “Any accident which results in someone losing their life is the most appalling tragedy – the more so when the deceased, as here, was well-loved and, as I have indicated already, a pretty remarkable woman.”