Brian Treadwell successfully prosecuted the case of Susan Elizabeth Hughes who defrauded a vulnerable friend out of nearly £88,000 over a 14 year period between 2003 and 2017.  Hughes had power of attorney over her friend who had physical and learning the disabilities. The jury heard how she siphoned off thousands of pounds of benefits and used some of the money for expensive holidays and to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle, to the detriment of her friend.  She was charged following an investigation by social services who had become concerned that she was abusing her position of trust.  Hughes was found guilty following a 7-day trial at Mold Crown Court.

She was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by His Honour Judge Rowlands on 13th January 2021.  On sentencing the Judge said “Your mean and thoroughly dishonest behaviour has had a profound effect on the victim and her lifestyle over the years.” 

‘Mean and thoroughly dishonest’ woman defrauded vulnerable friend out of almost £88,000 – North Wales Live (