David Redfern has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 14 years after the ‘cowardly bully’ murdered the elderly and vulnerable 71 year old grandmother who mistook his Barmouth home for a bed and breakfast.

The defendant was unanimously convicted of murder after a trial at Caernarfon Crown Court after he denied kicking or stamping on the elderly lady and portrayed her as the aggressor, being violent and aggressive towards his partner.

The jury rejected what the defendant said, concluding that he dragged her out of his bedroom, down the stairs by her ankles and either kicked or stamped on her back, causing internal injuries that the pathologist concluded were consistent with those seen in a high velocity road traffic collision. He then proceeded to mock her as she lay dying on the street outside his house. The defendant made admissions to dragging her down the stairs and kicking or stamping on her ribs, which were captured by his own HIVE doorbell camera.

James Coutts was led by Michael Jones KC for the prosecution, with Simon Rogers, also of Linenhall Chambers, led by Mark Cotter KC for the defence.

The sentencing remarks of Mr Justice Bourne KT were broadcast live on Sky News.