David Blythin

David Blythin

Year of Call: 1999

It is with extreme sadness that I have to announce that David Blythin died on Christmas Day 2020.

David was a deeply generous man. Some people are described as generous to a fault but not David. In addition to his generosity with gifts and restaurant bills, he was generous with his time, his thoughts, his friendship and his love, most of all for his daughter Megan.

He was a deep thinker with a wide hinterland. Educated as an economist at Manchester he lived in London for many years and had sojourns to Spain then Bristol before finally settling in his native North Wales.

He wore his knowledge lightly. The Bar which he was to join is full of people who believe that they are right despite evidence to the contrary. David showed his customary patience in tolerating such ignorance.

David’s generosity extended to overestimating his friends’ cultural horizons and abilities. He refused to believe that a friend’s musical tastes were confined to KLF and Simple Minds, or that another’s love for fishing trumped any interest in philosophy. Spending time with David was a pleasure. He was charming, interesting and patient. Wales has lost its Cultural Attaché from Conwy.

We all feel a huge loss at David being taken away from us at such a young age. His, on any view was a life well lived. He lived life to the full and grasped the chance to do something different. Whether to retrain for the Bar, sample an obscure and expensive cognac, discover the cultural opportunities of Riga or San Sebastian or simply try something new.

Many join the Bar to practice in criminal law and to inflict their failed attempts at amateur dramatics upon juries. David’s patience, tolerance, generosity and humanity led to him developing a specialisation in family law dealing with parents facing the loss of their children to care.

Despite his customary modesty about his work, David was a brilliant family barrister. Most of his clients were destined to lose their cases. There is a real skill in making a parent understand that they have been well served despite having their child removed. While David would always understate his role in a case, he quietly carried a heavy burden related to this work.

His real specialty in the family Bar was to represent clients sometimes described by judges as the ‘hopeless father’. The irony was not lost on anyone. David measured his life not by his bank balance or his accolades but by his greatest achievement- his daughter Meg.

He was that rare creature a great father.

His intelligence, patience and generosity combined in ensuring that the person he loved most was bought up beautifully. I know that Meg will feel his loss deepest and may for some time feel lost. David was so proud of Meg and in some ways that may seem a burden. Meg is David’s legacy, literally his pride and joy. While she has lost his precious company, Meg has the opportunity he helped to provide, to live life to the full in her own way.

If life is measured by the love of your family and the love of your friends, then on any view David lived a great life.

Goodbye David we will miss you. 

Owen Edwards, Linenhall Chambers

8 responses to “David Blythin”

  1. Huw Glyn says:

    So sorry to hear of David’s death; we were childhood friends since infant school in our native Llanfairfechan.
    Cwsg yn dawel hen ffrind.

  2. Sue Ward says:

    What a wonderful tribute to David ,whilst there’s such obvious sadness at his loss how wonderful to leave the legacy that you have described. I knew David a great many years ago as he was at Rydal with my cousins Michael and Allan Davies and ,though my husband David Ward was a pupil after David B left they also had a friendship. Sadly Michael Davies and David Reed – both close friends of David B have also died far too soon. Michael of a brain tumour in 2019. The world is a poorer place without the three of them
    I hope Megan will find comfort in your words in the years to come
    God Bless David

  3. Alan Davies says:

    Very saddened to hear of David’s passing. He was a good friend of my recently deceased brother. Taken from us far too soon. Condolences to his family. God bless mate.

  4. Lear family says:

    Saddened to hear of David’s passing. During our child-hood he was our next door neighbour at Pentir. Fond memories of David’s sense of fun. A plastic cow-boy from a “Luck-Bag”, who he (along with my sister Judith) named “unlucky Fluke” was cemented into the walls of his parents extension as it was being constructed- without their or the workmans knowledge. David found this hilarious that Unlucky Fluke would potentially be discovered in future years leaving people puzzled as to why he was there. Our condolences to David’s family at their loss.

  5. Carolyn Mahy says:

    It was with great sorrow that I learned today of David’s untimely death at Christmas. I have warm memories of his good humoured approach to instructions in family cases and his efforts on behalf of parents in care proceedings, even when their case appeared to be hopeless. It was also a pleasure to see him in court from the other side of the bench. My husband Julian and I both send our sincere condolences to his family and colleagues. He will be greatly missed.

  6. David Abberton says:

    My dear, dear friend. He was clever, wise and kind. He was and remains the best possible father to Megan and she will forever feel his loss. Dai was devoted to her but he also made an enormous difference to the lives of many. He did this through his integrity, common sense and compassion. Dai moved to London and moved back again when he came to the Bar. The Family Bar suited him absolutely and it was a role he was born to fill and many, many families in North Wales and beyond will be grateful for his care and counsel. He will live forever in our hearts. Ffarwel Dai Cymro

  7. David Abberton says:

    My dear, dear friend. So clever and wise and kind. You are and remain the best of us. Your love, care and compassion is best seen in Megan whose loss is immeasurable. I wish that you could have seen and felt the love, pride and courage that she has shown since your passing. There are countless others who are grateful for your counsel and families in North Wales whose lives would have been different without your advice and integrity. We will miss you but you will remain with us. Ffarwel Dai Cymro nes i ni gwrdd eto.

  8. Lorraine Fozzard says:

    David was a lovely man, a very sensible barrister and had time for people. He was decent and would never pass you without acknowledging you . He was taken too early and thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

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