Daniel is currently on a Sabbatical break.

Daniel is a child law specialist and is instructed in complex and sensitive cases. In his early career, Daniel was a family solicitor before being called to the bar in 2003. He was appointed as a Deputy District Judge in 2010.

He brings to his work an intuitive knowledge of both the law and children generally, taking a well rounded view of cases based on his experience of acting for children, parents, guardians, local authorities and other parties involved in child law cases.

Daniel has a detailed technical knowledge of procedure and principle. He is regularly involved in complex injury cases involving multiple fractures, head injury, life threatening acts and fatalities.

Daniel is a strong and direct advocate and will always endeavor to focus on the most relevant issues.

He has an excellent ability to interact, co-operate and work with individuals from varied backgrounds and experiences. Daniel has in-depth experience and expertise in representing individuals with learning difficulties and other additional needs. In this context he is able to empathise and most effectively represent his client’s interests.

Daniel brings to his work an intuitive knowledge not only of the law but of children generally. Daniel has a large young family and understands, from his own practical experience, the many challenges that looking after children can present as well as having an excellent manner when dealing directly with children in the course of his casework.

LJ [2022] – Daniel was led by Lorraine Cavanagh KC representing the mother in this case involving the fatality of a teenage disabled girl. The case involved huge volumes of evidence and ran alongside a criminal case.

IV [2022] – Daniel led this very large case, representing the father, concerning a deceased toddler who suffered catastrophic head injuries which led to severe acquired brain injury and the conclusion to switch off life support within 24 hours of the injuries being sustained.

J [2022] – Daniel represented the father in this case concerning the fatality of a child following catastrophic injuries. The case involved a joint criminal and family directions hearing in the Crown Court.

B [2022] – Daniel was instructed by the local authority in this complex case which commenced as a private law dispute. The case concerned allegations of severe domestic violence by the wife against the husband, rape and female genital mutilation (FGM). A risk of genital mutilation was also identified for the female children.

K [2022] – Daniel represented the Mother in this case concerning a child who sustained bruising and fractures. Complexity arose from a medical condition, Immune Thrombocytopenia, which could have caused the bruising.

G [2019] – This case concerned a family where a deceased baby was found in a plastic bag under the parental bed. Daniel represented the father who was found to have colluded with the mother who had intentionally suffocated the baby and placed it under the bed in a plastic bag.

I [2021] – Daniel managed this huge case for the local authority, running the prosecution and participating in high level management meetings with the local authority to agree the position. The case was issued following a disclosure by the daughter aged 6 that she had been touched inappropriately in a sexual way by her brothers aged 8-10. All three children went on to make allegations of excessive physical chastisement by the parents which were denied. Findings of physical chastisement of children against the parents were being sought.

B [2020] – This case concerned complex sexual abuse and downloading of illegal images and involved complex legal issues. Daniel acted for the intervenor.

M [2021] – Daniel led in this case concerning the care of two children which went to the High Court and was incredibly complex both legally and factually and was groundbreaking from a legal perspective as there were no reported cases dealing with the particular set of factual issues. The re-opening of the previously determined factual issues was also significant. Daniel represented the guardian.

P [2020] – This was a case relating to baby shaking with Daniel representing the Guardian on behalf of the children in complex finding of fact and welfare proceedings.

SC v E- [2013] Macur J – Daniel was led by Gwynneth Knowles QC (as she then was) in this complex High Court case involving fabricated and induced illness and the intentional poisoning of a child with insulin.

W& P- [2015] Hayden J – Daniel again led by Gwynneth Knowles QC (as she then was) was junior counsel in this long running High Court case where allegations of life threatening acts against two children were made. In addition, complex radiological evidence was considered leading to no findings being made against Daniel’s client.

S [2015] Keehan J – In this case Daniel represented the children where the Judge refused to re-open findings that a mother, a litigant in person, had fabricated and induced illness in her daughter.

T [2012] Moor J – Daniel represented the Local Authority in care proceedings where a child had suffered fractures and burns. There were 14 possible perpetrators, many of whom were litigants in person. Daniel was responsible for the complex case management and conduct of a lengthy hearing with many witnesses.

F v P [2012] – Daniel represented an intervener in care proceedings through the Official Solicitor who had profound learning difficulties. Daniel’s client was giving oral evidence to support allegations of sexual assault by a family member. This case was very sensitive and involved specialist skills and understanding of individuals with learning difficulties in the most serious of circumstances.

University of Wales, Aberystwyth, LL.B (Hons)

BPP Law School London, College of Law, Chester

Member of Lincoln’s Inn

Member of the Family Law Bar Association

Deputy District Judge – Wales Region, 2010, Family & Civil jurisdiction

Daniel was approved to hear private law children cases in 2013. In this context Daniel has heard many cases with litigants in person, cases involving rule 16.4 Guardians, non-accidental injuries and cases with local authority involvement.

Shortlisted for Legal 500 Family Barrister of the Year 2023

Daniel Dodd is ranked Band 2 – Family: Children in Chambers and Partners UK (2022 & 2023).

Daniel is head of the family team and attracts praise from instructing solicitors for his handling of complex non-accidental injury cases. He acts in a wide range of cases relating to child law and is well equipped to handle challenging issues such as sexual abuse allegations.

Strengths: “He is always very accommodating and prepared to advise on complex areas of law.” “His cross-examination of expert witnesses is very skilful.”

Daniel is also recommended in the Legal 500 2022 and 2023 Tier 1, as a leading junior in Child Law (Public and Private) on the Wales and Chester Circuit:

“Daniel becomes very invested in the cases, he has excellent knowledge of the law and he takes the time to conduct thorough research. He has a great manner in dealing with clients who are often in a state of crisis.” (Legal 500, 2022 ranked Tier 1)