Richard Young of Crewe, is a convicted sex offender who covertly filmed a young girl in the shower and failed to tell Cheshire Police he moved to North Wales. Anna Price, of Linenhall Chambers prosecuted Young after he moved to Wrexham in March 2020 and failed to inform his new partner of his criminal past.

Young was previously handed a 10-year sexual harm prevention order, a ban from unsupervised contact with any girl under the age of 16 in July 2018 for committing an act of voyeurism against a young girl but has failed to disclose this to his new community. Having been party to community birthdays, barbeques and set up a paddling pool in his garden, Young’s new partner was “furious” that he had embedded himself into their lives whilst concealing the truth.

Counsel Anna Price successfully argued for a custodial sentence which was granted by Judge Rhys Rowlands who noted that Young’s “overall behaviour was a calculated and deliberate attempt to evade the terms of the court order that imposed restrictions”. Judge Rowlands noted Young was a man “who has people believe what he wants them to” and handed down a 14-month custodial sentence.

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Cheshire chef hid perverted past from new partner after moving to ‘close-knit’ North Wales community – Cheshire Live (