Our staff are now on a rota system of remote and in-Chambers working. Please check with the relevant clerk before sending any papers in to Chambers.

If you need to contact one of our clerks, their contact details are:

Family: Gavin Reeves gavin.reeves@lhchambers.co.uk 01244 304245 or

Lucy Morris lucy.morris@lhchambers.co.uk  01244 304 207

Crime: Gareth Stickels gareth.stickels@lhchambers.co.uk 01244 304246 or

Ryan Turner ryan.turner@lhchambers.co.uk 01244 304200

Civil: James D’Arcy james.darcy@lhchambers.co.uk 01244 304201 or

Melissa Roberts melissa.roberts@lhchambers.co.uk 01244 304211

Fees: Charlene O’Reilly charlene.oreilly@lhchambers.co.uk 01244 304204

Chambers Manager: Hannah Meredith-Jones hmj@lhchambers.co.uk  01244 304 218