Mediation is a consensual process aimed at helping the parties resolve their disputes and differences, whether or not subject to court or any other form of proceedings.

Civil/Commercial Mediation

We provide a high quality, professional mediation service and have a wide range of mediation experience including: commercial / chancery law, property disputes (commercial and residential), employment and personal injury.

Mediator Profiles

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Michael Barrow

Nicholas Sefton

Aidan McGivern

Sam Aynsley

Hannah Horton

Ember-Jade Wong

Our Facilities

We are able to accommodate mediations in Chambers at no extra cost.

Fees (For an 8 hour mediation)

For disputes up to £20,000 in value: £700 plus VAT per party.
For disputes between £20,000 and £60,000 in value: £1,000 plus VAT per party.
For disputes over £60,000 in value: £1,200 plus VAT per party.

To book a mediation please contact James D’Arcy, Senior Civil Clerk, on 01244 3o4201.

Members of the Mediation Team are: